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Do I have to pay to listen to the podcast?

No! The main podcast has always been, and will always be, free. If you're a regular subscriber, you'll hear adverts - but only ones read by Dan, James, Anna and Andrew. We never put external ads in the show. 

Alternatively, for a small monthly or annual subscription fee, you can sign up to Club Fish via Apple Podcasts or Patreon. This will give you access to a totally ad-free edition of the podcast, plus fortnightly exclusive bonus content.

Both the free and Club Fish versions include pre-show announcements from the gang (to let you know about things like upcoming live gigs, special guests, and new merchandise).

I’m subscribed to Club Fish but I’m still hearing ads!

Firstly, what kind of ads are you hearing? 

Is it in fact a pre-show announcement from the podcasters? These are usually about things like upcoming tours or merchandise releases, and are included at the beginning of some episodes. We include these in all versions of the podcast.

If it is definitely an advert for a product, is it being presented by the podcasters?

If the ad is presented by Dan, James, Anna or Andy, then something is wrong with your paid subscription - you’re listening to the free version of the show. Firstly, try deleting the episode from your device (on apps you can usually do that by swiping sideways), clearing your cache if you are able, and then re-downloading the episode into your feed. If after 24 hours you still aren't getting the correct version, contact us at and we'll do our best to help. It’s always worth checking our social feeds beforehand, especially Twitter (@nosuchthing), as we may have posted about a problem that we are already aware of.

If you hear an advert that wasn't made by us, the most likely reason is that the website or app you're using to listen to Fish is putting additional ads in. Try listening to the same episode on a platform that definitely doesn’t do that (Audioboom, where our show is hosted, is a safe place to check. Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Pocket Casts, and the paid version of Spotify are also reliably free of extra ads).

If it does turn out to be a problem with the platform you’re using, best to get in touch with them directly, or switch podcast providers. If you find the problem persists across multiple platforms, that sounds like a problem at our end, so email to let us know and we’ll try to fix it as soon as possible.

What are the benefits of being a Club Fish member?

- Every episode of No Such Thing As A Fish, all the way back to number 1, is ad-free.

- Exclusive access to regular bonus content (at least fortnightly) including compilations of unreleased material, our correspondence spin-off podcast Drop Us A Line, and all sorts of other gems.

- Early booking access to tickets for some live shows and events.

- Access to the No Such Thing As A Fish Discord channel

- Unlimited entry to the Club Fish Members' Bar*

Sound appetising? Sign up with Apple or Patreon.

*Members' Bar is entirely fictional. Available facilities are dependent on the scope of your imagination. We reserve the right to refuse entry to individuals unable to dream up a valid ID. Strictly no incepting fellow guests.


If you're subscribed through Patreon, you can get your own RSS link through the app or website which can be opened in any podcast app which has this functionality. Spotify does not support this method, but you can now access Club Fish content by linking your Spotify and Patreon accounts. Head here to get started.


It's Japanese for: 'Have you put the plug in? Your bath will now be automatically filled.' It's common to hear it, or a similar message, in Japanese bathrooms - which are much more helpful than ours! 

In the context of Fish, it's part of our original theme song, Wasps by Emperor Yes. Watch the video here, which features our very own Dan Schreiber showcasing his questionable acting skills.


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